Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Almost Home

By this time tomorrow, I'll be asleep in my own bed. It has been just under two months since Ro and I left for California. After almost 4000 miles of cycling my way back east, I am looking forward to getting home.

Today, we rode to Newburgh along 9W -- splitting the difference between Albany and Manhattan. Tomorrow, we will continue south on 9W to Bear Mountain, then on to the George Washington Bridge where we will cross to the east side of the Hudson river and make our way through the Manhattan chaos to the shore.

Stay tuned for the finale...

Photo Journal

A few shots from the road, and a dozen or so shots from the FDR Museum and the ground of the Roosevelt house in Hyde Park. The shots from inside the museum are a bit fuzzy given the fact that flash photography was not allowed and the lighting was low.
Photo Journal

Ride Summary

Wednesday: 94 Miles from Albany, NY to Newburgh, NY

Miles this year: 5588


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